Ibanez TSV808 Vemuram Tube Screamer Limited

1,699 incl. BTW / VAT


Vemuram is an up-and-coming effector brand that has attracted attention from the guitar community around the world. The discerning specifications and its sound, represented by a four-layer PCB and brass housing, have been praised by many top players. The TSV808, born from the collaboration with Vemuram, is a completely new Tube Screamer that is different from the previous model.

The concept of this pedal, developed in collaboration with engineers from both Ibanez and Vemuram, was to create a hybrid of the respective models, Tube Screamer and Jan Ray. The resulting TSV808 combines the distinctive mid-boost of Tube Screamer with the wide dynamic and frequency range of Jan Ray. It’s a sound that can be called a “new overdrive standard.”


•Controls (Front): Overdrive, Tone, Level
•Controls (Top): Saturation, Bass
•Controls (Internal PCB): Diode clipping Selector
•Size (mm):70mmW x 125mmD x 57mmH
•Size Size (inch):2.8″W x 4.9″Dx 2.2″H
•100% Brass Housing
•9V – 18V Power
•True Bypass
•Made in Japan