FENDER 1969 Stratocaster vintage black rw

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Real collectable  rare vintage 1996 Fender stratocaster in custom ( order) colour black finish. It’s got the Hendrix vibe!! Big headstock, smaller end 60’s neck, East Indian rosewood fretboard (could be Brazilian, but I’m not sure). Some extra screw holes at the back of the headstock from different tuners in the past, original tuners are back on now. Frets are very good, life for many years in it. All pots, wire, 3-way are original, pickups original, pickguard original. Pickguard has some repaired holes from switchers in the past. It was cool to have 3 mini switches instead off the 3-way switch in the end 70’s en 80’s. Als 2 repaired mini screw holes in the pickguard next to the bridge pickup, where a roland synth pickup was aded, I think. Good restauration of the mini srew holes in the pickguard, wll done and keeps the guitar original as possible. Finish is overal good condition with some mini ding and dung, mini  spots and scratches, pretty good after all those years. Guitar is playing as a dream,…One off the finest I’ve played, love the end 60’s strats. This is the real deal, not a custom shop 69 strat for 8k, but the real vibe. You will feel it with your first hit on this Guitar. comes with the original Fender black tolex case with orange interieur. Ask us for more info, we only sell this one for the right price, there’s no hurry, will be worth more and more every year.