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Hand build S-style Sutton Guitar natural ash




Handbuild in the East of Holland by Jerome Karl Sutton. Pure natural, no lack, just oiled. Superlight Swamp Ash with high grain and character looks. S-style strat with brilliant tone. Loaded with Toneraider Surfari pickups. Handmade high flame maple pick guard and backplate. Comes including hardcase. If y’re in for something different,…check it at our shop

Natuur Shui style Swamp Ash Stratocaster, re-imagined from the original 1950s and 1960s Fenders with resonance matched maple vintage radius neck and 2 piece lightweight swamp ash body, solid flamed Maple pickguard, natural oil finish, top quality hardware and electronics and full copper RF sheilding.
Built by Jerome Karl Sutton with the meticulous care and experience of an obsessed perfectionist tone Junkie and professional Luthier. Every consideration has been included in the Natuur Shui construction process to ensure the creation, development and natural flow of pure tonal frequencies and smooth easy playing comfort.
 This is one of many re-imagined vintage style electric guitars. More guitars available. ask for info.