Burns Flyte 1976 natural Mahogany

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Burns Flyte, a popular glam rock guitar with Mach One Humbuster pickups

Burns UK appeared in 1974 and lasted until 1977.[5] Burns UK guitars were not made in London, but instead were manufactured close to Newcastle upon Tyne in Jim Burns’ native north east. Only one guitar model sold well, The Flyte, which was originally to be named the Conchorde, after the supersonic plane, because of its shape. Its design proved popular among glam rock performers of the time, such as Slade and Marc Bolan.[6] They were also used at the time by Australian band Sherbet, most notably on their “Life… Is For Living” album, where they were acknowledged on the back sleeve liner notes. Despite their unconventional design (which often added to the production cost), the guitars had a rather conventional sound, and again Burns ceased to produce guitars–but not before of few examples of the Burns Mirage, the successor to the Flyte, had been produced.