1972 Fender stratocaster custom colour Olympic White m/n vintage





So, here we got a custom colour 1972 Fender Stratocaster in Olympic White (Guitar is brighter white than pictures shows), with maple neck, in very good condition. This the way Hendrix liked them!! Very clean guitar, only on the backside some marks of stage use, good, but low frets(planty of live), all original. incl original black tolex case. All pots, wire, switch, knobs, are original. This is a nice player and a good collector. Custom colour guitars are more rare and are going up hard. These Big headstock, maple neck, Ow Strats are beauties for your eyes and ears. I personal love them even more than the early sixties Strats. End sixties, early seventies Strats got more bottom, thicker sound. Better get it now before they’re 10K.