Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 30 occ.

1,375 incl. BTW / VAT




This used amp is in very good condition.
Comes with an footswitch and *three months guarantee.


Enjoying over ten years of production, the Overdrive Supreme® received glowing reviews in BOTH domestic and foreign publications.Reviews in Japan’s “Guitar Magazine” as well as Guitar Player Magazine (February 2005). The Overdrive Supreme® was available in power ranges from 20 through 150 watts. This is the 30 watt head. The ODS featured a full time effects loop which could handle both line and pedal level signals. It could be run in series or parallel modes, and remained live, whether used as a line out (to drive a mixer or sound system) or a line in (for guitar synth, keyboard, drum machine, etc.). A spacious Accutronics 3-spring long decay reverb pan was used for a natural warm, yet detailed reverb.