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Kool & Elfring Straight 8


Straight 8

Cultivated 68' Plexi tone by Kool & Elfring

Here at Kool & Elfring we have always been a big fan of the 68’ Plexi amps and it’s all too familiar three dimensional rich classic rock tones. In fact: before we even thought of starting our company we loved building and modifying Plexi-style amps just for fun. So you might think that designing the Straight8 was a easy for us but the opposite is true. It took us almost 2 years of intensive research to discover the secrets behind the magical tones of this legendary amp. Thanks to some dear friends in the music industry we could compare our versions (and there where many!!!) with two awesome original 50 watt JMP’s and some great 100 Watt copies as well. Beside the original tones we also wanted to add a second channel: the ultimate 80’s style brown sounding Plexi overdrive. We wanted the super easy to use single-row-chicken head-knob interface and it all had to fit in a convenient 50x25x25cm head. Furthermore we added the foot switchable ‘true bypass’ effects loop and double SVC ''Seamless Volume Control'' system that lets you to play at high and low wattage and boost your solo’s.

To us the Straight8 is a dream come true. It is the ultimate classic rock tool and an oasis of inspiration for new music. We left no stone unturned when designing and building this rock machine, now it’s up to you to write new history with it.


Channel 1 'Mild mode' is more clean with tighter bass response

The sounds of channel 1 'Mild mode' are best described as dynamic, three-dimensional, open and sparkling. It’s warm yet with good definition. The gain setting starts at splendidly sparkling and dynamically clean. Beyond one o’clock the clean morphs into a clean sound with sweetly organic edge of breakup. Around three o’clockvery gradually the sound changes into a sweet and subtle 3d-crunch.

Channel 1 'Hot mode' Is hotter with fatter bass response

The 'Hot mode' is close to the original Plexi's sound and feel that we've all grown so familiar with. The sound breaths, it's three-dimensional and open sounding with spongy bass response, very fat mids and those rich halo-kind of high frequencies that fade away just before becoming to harsh or brittle. Just like the original this amp is super dynamically. Even with the gain at full you're still able to clean up the tone by soft attack on the strings or turning back the volume knob on your guitar. Turning up the the guitars volume knob and hitting the strings hard will give you that that briliant complex saturation which makes Plexi tone so unique.

Channel 2 : Overdrive / Hotrodded Plexi
Mode 2 boosts the Plexi-tone into sweet, tonesoaked overdrive. Extra gainstages are added to the internal circuitry resulting in a more compressed tone with endless sustain. The overall ''Plexi feel'' is still there but just fatter and hotter!

SVC -Seamless Volume Control- Tube amp volume under control...
The SVC power feature enables the amp to produce 0,1 Watt bedroom levels yet retaining great tone. That is without thinning up the tone nor destroying the sustain.

Price: EUR 1.749,-


2 channel: Channel 1 (mild/hot) Channel 2 (overdrive)
2 modes on channel 1: 'Mild' and 'Hot'
SVC - Seamless Volume Control: from 0,1 watt 'bed room' levels to 50 watt 'Rock Arena' levels (no tone loss at lower volumes, no need for power-soak)
Ultra wide gain range control for ultimate gain versatility
True bypass effects loop
Send-level-knob to attenuate or boost effects loop
Volume boost
3 button footswitch: channel, effects loop, volume boost)
Outputs 4, 8, 16 Ohm or 2x16, 2x8 Ohm

Output: 50 Watts R.M.S.
Special designed 'Plexi' output transformer according to original '68 specs
Power tubes 2xEL34 power tubes
5xpre-amp tubes: 4x12AX7 + 1x12AU7(effects loop)
Outputs 4, 8, 16 Ohm or 2x16, 2x8 Ohm
Weight: approx. 15 kg
Handsoldered printed circuit board in the Netherlands by Kool & Elfring
Finish & Construction:

Handmade A to Z bij Kool & Elfring
dimensions: H=25 cm W=50 cm D=25 cm
13 ply lightplex
Finger joint corner construction
Asymetrical handle for perfect balance
High quality vinyl covering
Nickel plated corners
Tolex: 'Black Rose'

1749,00 €

0 tot 50 watt
50 tot 100 watt